Monday, March 2, 2015

5 Step to host static website/Project Pages site on github

5 Steps to host a static page or project page on github

  1. Create Github account and verify the email id
  2. Add your repository/project to github
  3. Create static pages for you application
  4. Create gh-page branch
  5. Live the pages

Create Github account and verify the email id

Create the github accound from and verify email address.

Add your repository/project to github

Install git client in the respective box and upload the project to github

Create static pages for your application/profile

Create the static pages your repository, it takes all js/css/images folders also.

Create gh-page branch

Make a fresh clone

To set up a Project Pages site, you need to create a new "orphan" branch (a branch that has no common history with an existing branch) in your repository. The safest way to do this is to start with a fresh clone:

Create a gh-pages branch

Once you have a clean repository, you'll need to create the new gh-pages branch and remove all content from the working directory and index.

Add content and push
Now you have an empty working directory. You can create some content in this branch and push it to GitHub.push all static pages and relates files.

Load your new GitHub Pages site!!!!

After your push to the gh-pages branch, your Project Pages site will be available at http(s):// Note that Pages are always publicly accessible when published, even if their repository is private.

You con configure you domain to this.

I followed all the steps and created pages for my open source project have look for reference.

for reference see full sample code
live demo



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